cashmere cardigans

These are especially picked out top-quality Aristokrat cashmere cardigans for men and women. You can choose from luxuriant variety of colors – from pink cashmere cardigan to red cashmere cardigan to gray cashmere cardigan. If you do not want to leave your old cardigans behind you can simply combine your older ones with newer versions and add some new cashmere wrap cardigans to your closet.

Cashmere cardigan sweater is probably the best for formal or casual occasions almost effortlessly. Put on a pair of jeans and combine them with one of our exclusive ladies cashmere cardigans. It is as easy as that. It saves time and the variety of good style matches is almost endless. Aristokrat has the best cashmere and that is why we have the best quality cashmere cardigan sweaters.


Long cardigan made out of pure cashmere with wide shawl-style collar. This autumn cashmere cardigan is perfect for the colder season. It is especially designed to be worn over a dress or a shirt. Extremely soft and elegant.
Our classic long-sleeved cardigan designed in elegant cashmere from the softest Italian yarns and accented with buttons for a handsome look. This cashmere cardigan comes in three colors. Gray cashmere cardigan, cashmere cardigans in beige and navy colors.
Our two sided cardigan with a zipper is finished with elegant collar and crafted from Italian cashmere yarn for the softest hand. This gorgeous cardigan comes in three two sided two colors. Light and dark gray cashmere cardigan, cashmere cardigan in beige/brown and light blue and navy color combinations.

cashmere cardigans

A vest cardigan is actually a sleeveless button-down sweater. Such piece of clothing is often regarded as very practical, it is considered for a great autumn cashmere cardigan and also good-looking. It is great for layering in colder days but you can put it over the other clothes for have for an elegant finish. There are vests designed especially for ladies and there are men’s models but it’s not uncommon to see vests suitable for men and women.

The best wear with the cardigan depends on the occasion. Wear a Sweater vest cardigan for a business meeting under a suit over a long sleeved shirt and formal pants for example, or you can put on short sleeved shirt for a change.

It is recommended that you take good care of your cashmere cardigan in order to wear it longer. If you don’t like any stains on your cardigan you better be careful with perfumes and deodorants. They may cause real trouble with moths and may leave stains. To prevent yanking a string of it or causing a hole in it protect it from accessories or jewelry you wear. Do not dry clean unless it is inevitable. It is best to wash it by hand with cool water, otherwise it may shrink.

Use only special detergents for fine fabrics. You have to put the soap and a little water in the sink and then put the sweater in. Make smooth motions when you wash it, do not twist it. Do not stretch it when it is wet because it will loosen. Make it a ball in your hands in order to drain the water off. To rinse the soap off, while holding the cashmere cardigan pour cool water and squeeze it without any twisting. Soak up the extra water with a dry towel and leave it to dry away from heat and direct sunlight.
It is a great bargain to own a cashmere cardigan. They have long lifetime and become even better with age.

It is a great bargain to own a cashmere cardigan. They have long lifetime and become even better with age.

Women's cashmere cardigan

Cardigans are a must for every lady’s closet. You are going to attract attention no matter where you are as long as you have the Aristokrat best cashmere cardigan sweater on. This ladies cashmere cardigan sweater is great for cozying up in front of the fireplace. The autumn cashmere cardigan will keep you warm in the cool fall nights. In our products we combine years of experience and long careful research. You, the customers are the ones to give the best ideas so that our results give such a high customer satisfaction. They are definitely worth the money!

Men's cashmere cardigan

Men’s cashmere cardigan sweaters are perfectly designed for cool or cold weather. They match easily on any occasion which is not very formal. Putting it on with your favorite jeans or trousers makes a great, and yet fashionable work outfit. Girls like cashmere cardigans, so don’t worry to go out with a girl wearing it. You do not have to sacrifice your good looks to feel warm and comfortable when you have our turtleneck and mock neck sweaters. You can find fabulous models for men’s cardigans at reasonable prices. These cardigans are as trendy as a cardigan could be. They underline the features that everyone wants to show, namely being confident, flirty, and sexy, of course.

Our Aristokrat men’s cashmere cardigan sweaters do not only fit well, but also look good on you and are more comfortable than you expect. You do not have to make an effort to make a positive impression wherever you go. Cashmere cardigans are a symbol of financial prosperity. They are designed to be the ultimate relaxed and yet versatile and good-looking wear. Leave work and meet you girlfriend right away without wasting time to change clothes. You still keep being sexy as long as you combine your jeans or trousers with men’s cashmere cardigan sweaters. These cardigans are available in a diverse range of colors like navy, mocha brown, light blue and purple. Refer to all the color options.

Other Cardigans

An autumn classic cashmere cardigan made of the purest cashmere from Italy. It is extraordinarily gentle with a feel of splendor. It was designed for the cooler days and evenings as well as for more than one layer of clothes.

Our Long autumn cashmere cardigan was made from first quality best cashmere with wide shawl-like collar. Incredibly tender and chic this cardigan fits greatly over a shirt of a dress. Made from cashmere from the highest quality Italian yarns and decorated with mother-of-pearl buttons, our cashmere cardigans for women will surely satisfy even the most requiring individuals.

Here is our cardigan for men also made from pure and the best cashmere. We have two styles men’s cardigans. They both have long sleeves, one has a zipper and is two sided, and the other has buttons. Fantastic softness and warmth let you feel the actual touch of top-quality best cashmere. Our cardigans are made from the purest Italian cashmere and present comfort and tenderness unlike anything you have tried before.

Our classic men’s cardigan with long-sleeves and V-neck is made of the best cashmere from the most delicate Italian yarns and is decorated with buttons for distinguishing appearance.

This men’s cardigan is designed to be good looking and still comfortable to wear. It is made to follow the lines of the body. Our cardigans are designed to fit in a way you would like. They underline the better lines of your body. Finally there is a cashmere cardigan sweater that fits the way you expect it to fit. It even has elbow patches and is made from 100% cashmere so that you can feel the ultimate embrace of the highest quality. Our classic style cashmere cardigan sweater is ideal to wear in all seasons.