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1. The general terms and conditions of the internet website are used for making virtual contacts between seller and potential buyers- consumers and determine the rights of the consumers and their duties to The site is managed and is owned by PRIVILEGE JFC, (also called by the trademark Aristocrat, used below).

1.1. PRIVILEGE JFC is an association enrolled in the trade register and the entry agency with company registration number 131441307 with headquarters and address in town of Pazardjik, ul. “Nikola Simeonov” #15, Oblast Pazardjik, Municipality Pazardjik.

2. Sides on the general conditions are PRIVILEGE JFC on one side and a user who loaded the internet site

3. Every user agrees that he/she is familiar with the general terms and conditions of use for everyadequate condition for his/her every live act or passive behavior after loading the web browser of

3.1. “Live act” means clicking on electronic connection and sending the user to other internet sites from the site of

3.2. “Passive behavior” means that the user is in the site but he/she does not use other topics or links in, but it only opens the main site and is inactive, i.e. there is no active behavior.

4. When visiting, the user ought to follow the current terms and conditions. “Aristokrat” is reserving its rights to update and change the current terms and conditions without prior notice to the users informing them of the changes.

5. PRIVILEGE JFC is reserving its right to stop or end any users account access or the use of the site, if: reasonably believes that the user violates these general terms of use or trusts this is needed to ensure safety.


When using the site, all users of agrees that they are familiar with the following terms:  

1. Internet site is a page that loads the browser of the user when the internet address is written in the user’s home page.

2. A user of the internet site is every person who has opened the site and shows interest in purchase- sale of commodities and/ or services.

3. Browser is a computer program that gives the ability of transfer, process and visualization of data.


1. “Aristokrat” devotes constant efforts for the correctness of the information that is provided in the current site, but it does not bear any responsibilities if the information is not accurate, detailed and actual. “Aristokrat” devotes constant efforts to show all the models and colors of the products that are being offered in the site. Even thought the real colors are dependent on the settings of each user’s computer and “Aristokrat” cannot guarantee that the sample shown on the computer of each user shows the exact colors of our products. The articles in this site are only for general information and should not be used as only source of information for decision making, without consultation with more informed sources. Every allusion or use of information from this site is going to be solely user’s responsibility.

2. Every change in product, description, colors, materials, certificates or specifications on products can be done at any time by “Aristokrat” without having to give prior notice to the users of the site. “Aristokrat” does not guarantee that the collections and products presented in the site will be available at any time in the stores or in the online store.

3. For more accurate information regarding the products offered in the site, the users should contact us via telephone shown in contact us so they can speak to a sales consultant of PRIVILEGE JFC.


1. The whole content of this site (Including, without limitation to: text, products and design, schedules, logos, icons, pictures, audio and video clips, files for downloads, interfaces, codes, software, and the picking an order in it as well) is a property and is managed by “Aristokrat”, the licensors and the content writers and is protected by a trademark right of first publication, with relevant action and to other applicable laws. The content of this website is intended for personal use only. Any other use of the content of this web site included, without limitation to modifying, distribution, handed down, telecasting, publishing, uploading, licensing, transferring or sale, making materials, information, software, products or services received from the site  or using the object for goals that are competitive to PRIVILEGE JFC, it is strictly prohibited and it will be pursued and punished according to the law.  “Aristokrat” and/or the licensors, or the owners of the content hold full rights over this site, including the rights of an intellectual property and their combined rights, and provide those rights and have the authority to take it away at any time when decided by PRIVILEGE JFC. The users can not use software or hardware, designed to brake or affect the correct function of the site,to enter in the system when unauthorized.   By using the website, the users agree that they have no right to stop or try to end the work of the site in any way. “Aristokrat” has all its rights reserved, and its own discretion to limit or terminate the access of any user to the site without notice.                                         


1. All trademarks, trade appellations, company signs and logos, names of products, included in the site are registered and are sole property of “Aristokrat” (PRIVILEGE JFC) or of the relevant companies (“marks”). These common terms and conditions for usage do not allow the users to use the marks in any way; this is strongly prohibited and is pursued and punished by the law.

2. This site should not be interpreted as giving direct right or a permit, or the right to use the trademark, the logo or the brand name for a service without a written notice by the owner, with exceptions mentioned here. “Aristokrat” reserves all its rights that are not explicitly provided in the site and its content.  This site and its whole content including,  not limited to text, design, schedule, interface and code, as well as the choice and sorting is protected as compilation according to the rights of first publication laws in Republic of Bulgaria and other countries.


1. PRIVILEGE JFC contributes for use of the users platforms for merchandise representation (product catalogue) along with its site

2. PRIVILEGE JFC  is not responsible for:

- Damages caused by third person’s indecent behavior who sell through the website, if there are such;

- Damages caused by other websites that are accusable through advertisements or links, placed on the current site;

- Damages caused by not having or disruption of internet when loading the site, the site team are not responsible;

- Violation of copyright by placing materials provided by third person, promoting through the internet site owned by PRIVILEGE JFC. 

3. The user is obligated, when given access to the electronic platform to follow the current terms and conditions, internet etiquette, Bulgarian legislation, the other applicable laws, the moral rights and the good ethics, not to sabotage the good name of others and not to call to crimson change according to the constitution. The user is obligated to immediately inform PRIVILEGE JFC about every case of a violation openly done.

4. After registration in the site PRIVILEGE JFC, the user should create a public user profile. This is for marketing purposes. The user has to provide information that is connected to the user and his/her acts, and is not protected by the personal data law.


1. Feedback, comments, offers, ideas and/or other information that the users send to the site is considered none confidential. “Aristokrat” is reserving its right to use this communication including but not limited to only copying, reproducing, publishing, communicating, distributing, and showing opinions of users and to add them in other materials and in other ways in its commercial operation. PRIVILEGE JFC has the unlimited right to use all kinds of ideas, concepts or techniques that are included in all messages that the user sends out regarding goals, including, but not limited to development, production and marketing  of products using this information.

2. Aristokrat is reserving its right to:

- not observe confidentiality when receiving feedback from the client;

- not pay commission to the user who sent comments;

- not respond to incoming messages send to the company.


1. This site can contain connections to other sites some of which are managed by “Aristokrat” (PRIVILEGE JFC) or their affiliates and others who are managed by third person sites. These connections are delivered only for the convenience of the user and as an extra way of access to the information contained in it. “Aristokrat” does not control or follow the content of the sites of the third persons and it does not carry responsibility of their accuracy, security and dependability of their content. Access to the content of the sites of third persons is solely the user’s responsibility and “Aristokrat” is not responsible for any loss or damage to his/her computer (including, but not limited to every loss or damage to the computer, hardware or software of the user).


1. To top degree of permission by the applicable law “Aristokrat” in any way will not be responsible for users or any third persons for any malfunctions when using the site or all information contained in it, as well as products offered in the site included, but not limited to: a) loss or wrongful use of data, b) loss or damage of equipment, c) any loss or damage, that is not predictable by the users and/or by “Aristokrat”, or for loss or damage that the user has not been informed by “Aristokrat” that is can break, d) every loss or damage accrued by the user  in result of the consumer not taking precautions against this loss or damage. As an example, installing good antivirus software.


1. PRIVILEGE JFC is reserving its right to change and add to the current terms and conditions, without having to give prior notice to its users. The changes in the terms of use will be notified by adds in the site. When visiting the site each user must pay attention to the date of the last update made to the terms and conditions since with every site enter each user agrees with the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions apply to all visitors to the site. In case a site visitor does not agree with the terms and conditions, he/she should not visit this site.

2. The user – buyer agrees that he/she is familiar with them, that the services purchased through this site fall under the description in article 50, al.3, t.2 from the Consumer protection law, as well as that the services purchased are being paid ahead of time.

3. In case that some/one of the articles in the terms and conditions are/is proven to not be accurate, they/ it will be changed.

4. In all unmentioned issues from the terms and conditions the Bulgarian Legislation regulators are implemented.

5. PRIVILEGE JFC is reserving its right to revisit and change the current terms and conditions at any time.  If you continue to use this site you are hereby agreeing with all changes.

All Rights reserved!                                                             PRIVILEGE JFC