When winter comes everybody has to buy suitable clothes for this season. Wearing of pullovers and coats is an obligatory. People who have enough money indulge to buy themselves luxury clothing. Have you ever thought about the opportunity to buy a cashmere scarf? Now let me introduce this really attractive product. It is made by the fur of the mountain goat. This fur is not available in many places. The goat lives in the plateaus around the Gobi desert. They lies in Northern China and spread to Mongolia. The goat has two coats – outer and inner. The first type is coarse in contrast to the second which is fine cashmere. The inner coat protects the goat from the bitter cold of the desert.
The mountain goat changes its outer coat in winter. The inner coat has to be combed in spring. For producing of cashmere garments are used specific hand operated machines. The fur on the throat and stomach is more esteemed than the fur in other parts of the goat’s body. In view of the fact that cashmere is not always available it is very expensive. Cashmere is considered to be a luxury item. In China cashmere scarf is a little cheaper. The main reason for this is the following: there cost of labor is low. Cashmere also may be found in India, Iran and Tibet. An interesting fact is that in Mongolia cashmere is produced not in big amount. There in olden days kings used it only for their needs because at that time cashmere was very valuable.
The basic function of the cashmere scarf is to protect your neck from the cold. Because it retains the heat it is very useful and valuable. You can buy cashmere scarf online or in high end stores. The scarves come in wild variety of patterns, shapes and sizes. Cashmere is many-sided. This natural material just can’t affect your skin. All you have to do is to wash the cashmere with a mild soap or shampoo. Very important is not to hang it on a hanger because it can lose its shape. Cashmere will be found first and foremost in bright colors. To convince that the scarf is made by pure cashmere on the label must write “100 % cashmere”. That indicates that the product you have bought is made by pure cashmere. If you want to see whether the scarf loses its shape just stretch the cashmere. If it is so that just means that the scarf is of poor quality. If it does not lose its shape then you certainly have good product in your hands. The use of cashmere is really huge. This material is a guarantee for producing of clothes with high quality. If you have some hesitations about it you definitely have to surmount them. Make a good investment in your lifestyle.